Help Our Wildlife (HOWL)

As University life has finally come to an end, it has left me with a lot of time (sometimes too much) to think about the future and where to go from here. After three long, tough years, the structure and never-ending to do list accompanied by deadlines in my life is slowly dwindling, leaving me with the fear but also the excitement of this new-found unpredictability. This excitement has spurred me on to actually get this blog idea ‘on to paper’.

So what is this blog about?

My primary aim is to develop my knowledge and understanding of my local ecology and wildlife whilst inspiring others in an online network to do the same. Knowledge is power and sharing this through the formulation of an online community can help create the steps that need to be taken to help our wildlife. Through posts, photos and videos I aim to motivate and equip people with a positive attitude that is necessary in safeguarding our natural world. I am keen for any comments/ feedback that can help me improve and to also get an idea on general thoughts and issues on particular topics of interest. I also intend to use this blog to help me reflect and share certain experiences in my path to employment. As a soon to be graduate (fingers crossed) from Bournemouth University with a BSc in Ecology I will be embarking on numerous work placements and voluntary opportunities where I can develop my skills not only as an ecologist but also as a person in order to find my true calling. I hope I can not only inspire but also advise those of you who may also be as confused as I am by the many options that the big wide world has to offer.

I hope you enjoy and follow HOWL. You can also find me on twitter to get the latest news on what I am currently up to (Hint: Beavers in Scotland!).

Help Our Wildlife

Help Our Wildlife

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