Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday #3. Green Up Your Life

There is a lot of talk about going green, in fact, it’s one of the top buzzwords of our current generation. But what is in it for you and why should you bother?

What does it even mean?

The phrase ‘go green’ is used commonly throughout modern society, so much so that it seems to have almost lost its meaning. However its meaning is actually very simple. Going green refers to using various everyday methods to help save the world and its environment. This doesn’t mean having to make massive changes in your lifestyle, lead a lower quality of life or spend a fortune. 

Going green can begin in very small, easy to manage ways and you can benefit financially, physically and mentally. The decision to go green is a gradual process for most people. Any action you take that contributes to sustainable living makes a positive impact on the environment.


How exactly can I benefit?

Sometimes this phrase can make you feel a little guilty, but you’re only one person after all, what does it matter? It’s more than choosing those funny shape lightbulbs or opting out of that plastic bag at the supermarket. If you put the effort in then the benefits of making small alterations may just surprise you. Instead of lecturing you, Howl will give you 5 ways in which it can benefit you:

Save the planet – This one is a bit of a no brainer. However, globally our collective actions have inflicted huge amounts of damage to our planet, but it is these collective actions that can help save it. By choosing to go green you are joining others doing the same.

Save your health – We all like to be in tip top condition. It’s what keeps us happy after all. Household cleaning supplies and pesticides have cumulative impacts on our bodies. From switching to greener cleaning supplies to eating more organic foods, we can all take small steps to positively impact our own personal health.

Save Money – Who doesn’t want to have a little bit more money in their pocket each year? Responsible energy consumption, re-use/recycling, car pooling/bike/bus and switching off lights are just a few examples of the actions that can save you money.

Save the economy – Buy locally. Not only does this reduce the impact of the importation of goods, but also provides a steady support for local businesses and maintains that community feel we are often fond of.

It feels good! – It’s good for the earth, our health and our wallet. Just remember, you don’t have to completely spend your life trying to go green. Instead of tossing that plastic butter tub in the trash, wash it and use it to store spare screws and nails – voila! Re-use! Instead of re-flooring your living room with oak, opt for bamboo – hazzah! Sustainability!

A really well known proverb fits in perfectly with this weeks Mindful Monday. “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. This reminds us that we need to preserve and protect our planet so we have something to give back to our future generations, ensuring that they can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Howl would love to hear about how you are going green. Feel free to comment or give us a tweet @howlwildlife !


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