What is HOWL?

HOWL follows one woman’s journey into the big wide world of conservation, inviting you to be a part of it and to witness the progression of this journey. With a big focus on developing her knowledge on the local ecology and wildlife to improve employability, she aims to share these experiences through the production of written posts, photography and videos within an online community. By encouraging involvement and the sharing of knowledge, it is hoped that it will inspire others and improve the efforts needed to Help Our Wildlife.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my site howl, and thanks for the Earthwatch link. Re rewilding:
    Dingos in Australia have been listed as vermin since European invasion. They eat sheep. Australia has the worst record for species extinction on earth. Ecologists have recently discovered (introduced) cats and foxes avoid dingo habitat. Cat and fox predation and human habitat destruction means our unique mammals are heading for extinction. Only 200 bilbies now remain in the wild. Cats kill to drink and now populate our entire continent, without water. They cannot be trapped and do not take baits. We have 15 – 30 million cats and they each eat 5 approx animals a day. Do the math.
    In cattle country, dingoes deter stock from camping near water. The dogs wait there for prey. Cattle drink and leave. This has the effect of allowing trees and vegetation to grow where none has been seen for decades. Species not seen for years has emerged. Answer: rewild, let the dingos free.

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to comment.

      This is a very interesting example and thank you for brining it to my attention. With a keen interest in canine conservation, I am always looking to learn more about the vital ecological roles of various keystone species worldwide. I am certainly going to research more into this case!

      Out of interest, are livestock guarding dogs used throughout Australia? Our fear and hatred of large carnivores is an interesting topic, but I am hopeful that we can continue to find ways to coexist.

  2. Presume you mean sheep guarding dogs. Almost not used here, most of this country is arid, semi-arid and subtropical. Guard dogs best for temperate climates maybe. Great way to keep dingoes away from sheep in temperate areas though. We use barrier dog fences, see 10 Million Cats site ‘NOT thinking’ page. This wicked practice should be made internationally illegal.

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