Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday #15. HOWL and the Hungry Robin

HOWL kicked off the Mindful Monday theme with a post about how you can give nature a helping hand. It focused on how you can utilise window feeders to encourage and support the wellbeing of garden birds all year round and of course, improve any identification skills! HOWL ended the post stating that we would share any footage we managed to get from our visitors and today we would like to dedicate this Mindful Monday to our most frequent visitor, this rather hungry robin! It is encouraging to witness first-hand the support that your feeders are providing to a variety of birds. Having regular visitors helps you to build a connection with nature, increasing the urge to protect and also to learn from. Not only is there the opportunity to develop visual identification skills, but HOWL has also improved birdsong identification and you can too! If you missed HOWL’s very first Mindful Monday post detailing how you can support your garden birds, you can find it here.

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